Our Brands

Bringing nature’s gift to you and your family.


Using the science of hemp as the foundation for all our product offerings, EastWest SCIENCE has developed five innovative brands that bring you original premium hemp-based products. Our brands allow our customers to gain the benefits of hemp in a variety of ways.


Our product development team aims to delight our customers with top-quality, leading-edge, original products, designed to support healthy lifestyles.

Natural Advancement is our line of natural hemp supplements that offer the powerful benefits of Hemp to help heal and protect the health of people from all walks of life and lifestyles.


Natural Advancement’s products are approved by Health Canada and are made from 100% premium quality Canadian hemp.

Earth’s Menu is our premium, all natural, hemp-based food brand. Earth’s Menu will offer original, functional food products scientifically developed and infused with Hemp’s rich nutritional health benefits to support preventative healthy lifestyles.

Take care of your most loyal companions.


Offer the care, comfort and quality of life your faithful canine companions deserve with premium hemp-based products from our Natural Pet Science product line. Natural Pet Science products are formulated to provide your canine pets with products to help your pets stay healthy and happy.


Al Horning
Former Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) of Kelowna-Lake Country

6 ½ years ago I had a stroke and was prescribed Gabapentin, a nerve pain medication for the subsequent pain in my right leg and back. The dosage prescribed was 3 capsules 3 times a day. It was recently discovered that this medication was causing some problems with my kidneys and my kidneys were near the point of failure. I was told I needed to stop the Gabapentin before my kidneys failed and that I’d have to live with the nerve pain for the rest of my life. At that point, I made the decision to stop the prescription medication. At around the same time, my son informed me of Natural Advancement’s Canna-Original Blend and I decided to give it a try as it was my only option left for my nerve pain.

One month after the start of taking Natural Advancement’s Canna-Original Blend, I have received great results. I am now pain free and even sleeping better than I ever have, both before and after my stroke. I would recommend Natural Advancement’s Canna-Original Blend to anyone suffering from nerve pain or pain in general. This is a great natural product. I am prescription pain medication free and I sleep better.


Science & Innovation of our Products

For thousands of years, Hemp was being used in Central Asia as a source of food, fibre and for medicinal purposes. Unfortunately, in North America, hemp was prohibited due to confusion with other types of Cannabis. Hemp legislation in North America has hindered our ability to discover the breadth of the true benefits of hemp.


The science of hemp reveals that hemp naturally has a wide array of health benefits. Hemp’s positive impact on a breadth of ailments is possible due to hemp’s ability to mimic our bodies’ natural immune system mechanisms. Hemp’s entourage of active product ingredients work holistically throughout our bodies. As a result, hemp strengthens our immunity and enhances our bodies’ ability to protect us from a variety of further ailments.


EastWest SCIENCE uses the science of hemp as the foundation for all our products. As a result of hemp’s many benefits, EastWest SCIENCE innovates to bring you new hemp-based products that allow our customers to gain the benefits of hemp in a variety of ways.


We aim to support a preventative healthy lifestyle to people and pets through our broad array of product offerings. Our goal is to delight our customers with all natural, top-quality, original and fresh hemp-based products.