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The Magic Of Turmeric

Many people associate turmeric as the main ingredient to a delicious curry recipe but there’s more to this plant than its bright flavor. Historically, turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicine—an ancient method of holistic healing that originated in India—for a variety of health conditions. Among the ailments that were remedied using turmeric during those times were breathing issues, pain, rheumatism, and others.

The compound in turmeric that holds these healing powers is curcuminoids, which gives the plant anti-inflammatory properties. Because of turmeric’s excellent levels of curcuminoids, the Arthritis Foundation even recommends getting roughly 400 to 600 milligrams (mg) of turmeric capsules or half to three grams of the root powder per day for inflammation relief.

Turmeric’s ability to remedy inflammation means that its medicinal components can possibly be used for a lot of other diseases, too. Some scientists believe that chronic, low-level inflammation contributes to almost every chronic disease in the Western part of the globe, like heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Isn’t that amazing?

So now maybe you’re wondering how you can incorporate turmeric into your daily eating habits. One obvious way is simply adding turmeric to your meal recipes. But because it’s such a strong taste, adding it to all your meals may not be realistic. Another easier way to add turmeric into your lifestyle without the hassle of coming up with special recipes is by taking it in your daily supplements.

According to Ali Webster PhD, RD from the International Food Information Council Foundation, “Turmeric extracts or isolated curcumin found in dietary supplements are much higher in curcumin, so they’re more likely to have an impact on inflammation than the dried spice.” In other words: it may be more beneficial to consume turmeric extract rather than the raw spice itself.

For those who want a convenient way to consume turmeric daily, Natural Advancement’s Canna Curcumin Blend combines the incredible health benefits of hemp with the anti-inflammatory curcumin compound. It’s a simple and naturally healthy way to give your body a health boost.

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