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3 Unexpected Signs Your Cat Has Anxiety

You’d think picking up social cues from your cat telling you that they’re unhappy would be easy. But sometimes cats display unusual behaviour that we brush off as a phase yet may be actual signs of anxiety. Below are three unexpected signs that your cat has anxiety:

Excessive Grooming

We love it when our cats are clean! But it turns out excessive grooming can spell stress from your cat, especially if they are doing it so much that it leads to problems like hair loss and repeat vomiting.

Follows You Everywhere

It’s very cute when our pets want to be close to us. But when they are constantly following their owner and have a hard time being left alone, it could mean they are stressed and have separation anxiety.

‘Going’ Outside the Box

Some pets have occasional potty accidents, that’s just a given. However, it’s important to monitor how frequent it is. If it happens too often, it could be their way of letting you know that they are unhappy or stressed out.

If you feel like your cat may have anxiety issues, try giving them some natural stress relief. Our Calm’Cat treats are the perfect all-natural pet treat made with hemp and crickets, and other naturally-calming botanicals, like valerian root and chamomile flower, to help your cat overcome feelings of anxiety. If all else fails and your cat is still a ball of stress, consult with your trusted veterinarian to find a more effective treatment to help your feline friend.

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