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Our Brands

Natural Advancement is our line of natural hemp supplements that offer the powerful benefits of Hemp to help heal and protect the health of people from all walks of life and lifestyles.


Natural Advancement’s products are approved by Health Canada and are made from 100% premium quality Canadian hemp.

Earth’s Menu is our premium, all natural, hemp-based food brand. Earth’s Menu will offer original, functional food products scientifically developed and infused with Hemp’s rich nutritional health benefits to support preventative healthy lifestyles.

Take care of your most loyal companions.


Offer the care, comfort and quality of life your faithful canine companions deserve with premium hemp-based products from our Natural Pet Science product line. Natural Pet Science products are formulated to provide your canine pets with products to help your pets stay healthy and happy.


The EastWest SCIENCE team believes in the power of hemp and its ability to change lives for the better. We are pioneers and visionaries. We believe in the possibilities. We collaborate, communicate and support each other to achieve success. We are motivated by our constant desire to be the best. We innovate to deliver great products to delight our customers. We recognize and celebrate our accomplishments. We pave the path to our success with teamwork, transparency, communication, respect and integrity.


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